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How do we prevent these behaviors from occurring or quickly stop them should they occur? Simply having a human resources department in place does not prevent these issues from happening. Human resources managers must work to get in front of potentially damaging situations by proactively asking employees for feedback throughout the employee lifecycle, including newly hired employees, current employees, and former employees.
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There has been much progress since the days Rosie the Riveter rolled up her sleeves for the United States government and encouraged women to join the workforce during war times. We’ve seen women increase their presence in the workforce, increase their voice, and break through glass ceilings. Today, women leading top businesses, serving as top elected officials, pioneering cures in healthcare, championing for human rights and even leading on the battlefield in the military. Women have come a lon...
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A Chicago Tribune article reports that mortgage lender, Guaranteed Rate is adding 280 employees in an effort to compete with industry heavy-hitters Quicken Loans, Wells Fargo, and Chase. As Guaranteed Rate celebrates growth, we want to offer some expert advice on how they can help retain their newly hired employees and profits as they grow.
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If your first-year turnover rate is significantly higher than your overall turnover rate (5-10%) then you need to evaluate this issue now and develop a strategy to solve the problem.
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8 Questions Your Exit Interviews Must Answer

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Companies routinely conduct exit interviews with employees that have recently left, or resigned, to learn how those former employees rate specific aspects of the company to inform organizational improvements. If your company is following this routine – you’re missing out.
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Companies must ask employees for feedback, understand employee attitudes and perceptions, incorporate employee feedback into business decisions and communicate this back to their workforce on a regular basis to foster employee engagement and retention.
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4 Keys to Effective Exit Interviews

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Exit interviews are a common practice for companies interested in understanding workplace issues and improving retention – for good reason.
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The audience was stunned when Adele interrupted her own performance at the Grammy’s, a tribute to George Michael, and asked the band to take it from the top. She was notably embarrassed, but unashamed to admit she had made an error and gave it another shot.
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Exit Interviews can identify the real reasons that first year employees leave the organization by providing insights to the following questions
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Stay Interviews identify the real risks of newly hired employees leaving by asking questions to uncover their challenges. This in turn offers you an opportunity to make the necessary changes so that these employees stay for the long-term.
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