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The annual Engagement Study has become a common tool used by organizations. Over the last decade, an emphasis has been placed on “measuring” the level of employee engagement in the organization through the Engagement Study as engagement has been linked to important business outcomes such as customer satisfaction, employee turnover, productivity and profits.1 But don’t rush to quickly type and hit send on a quick survey– you must first understand the definition of engagement and then ensure t...
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Natural disasters are much like individual disasters, such a death in the family, in that they often bring out the best and worst in people. Most people offer their time, money, and or resources to help those individuals most effected, but it also brings out the small population who take advantage of the time of need. Similarly, natural disasters and individual chaos bring out the best and worst in employers too.
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Often referred to as an “Annual Employee Survey” or “Employee Satisfaction Survey,” an Engagement Study should establish a baseline for understanding where you are as an organization and provide detailed insight for guiding efforts to improve engagement in your workforce.
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Some exit interview methodologies do not provide reliable or robust data to inform meaningful improvements to retention. It’s critical that Exit Interviews are conducted using these best practices to get the reliable, robust information from employees to inform effective retention strategies.
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Human Resources (HR) leaders that want to make positive movement in employee engagement must ask employees for feedback to understand the reasons behind their behavior, motivations and intents to effectively understand how to improve workplace conditions that drive engagement.
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As HR leaders are frequently charged with measuring and increasing employee engagement, experts have strongly debated the precise definition of employee engagement and proper method of measuring employee engagement. There is wide-spread agreement that employee engagement is an employee state of mind, influenced by the employee’s motivation in what they are doing on the job.
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Data analytics is changing the HR industry and how companies manage the behaviors of their workforce. HR professionals are continually challenged with collecting workforce data and using it to drive employee and business outcomes, including employee engagement and retention. As the waves of workforce data are not slowing down, it’s critical to understand the basic types of analyses, the value of each and how each can help you understand your workforce.
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The initial impression a company makes on potential employees can have an enormous impact on the organization’s bottom line. The Harvard Business Review estimates that 80% of employee turnover is due to poor hiring decisions. Take a second to think back on a handful of coworkers who no longer work with you. How many of them should have never been hired in the first place? Optimizing the recruitment process will help attract and hire the best potential employees available.
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Diversity and Inclusion are extremely important at your organization. Here we break down exactly what diversity and inclusion is, how to make your company diverse, and why this is so important not only to your workforce, but also your bottom-line.
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Mid-level managers who aspire to grow into roles of greater responsibility often lack the foundational leadership skills that are critical to further their careers. In order to help understand this gap, we asked CEOs of some of the world’s most successful companies what skills mid-level managers need to advance in their careers, and they identified eight skills most foundational to leadership success.
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