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Unemployment Rate Drops, Quit Rate Jumps and Job Openings Surge Intensifying an already competitive labor market, the unemployment rate dropped to 4.2 percent in September, a sixteen-year low, the government reported Friday. The quit rate jumped to 2.5 percent, a ten-year high, and job openings surged 7 percent over prior month, further fueling the battle to hire and retain workers. The September Jobs Report revealed that the number job seekers decreased, employee turnover increased and avail...
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A pulse survey is a quick and frequent survey method that is a compliment to an overall employee engagement and retention strategy. A pulse survey is one-to-three questions, and questions are designed to get insight into key conditions of the workplace from the employees’ perspective.
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The question is, how should organizations go about becoming a great place to work? The answer is fairly simple – give your employees a voice. If you want to become a great place to work you must ask for and listen to feedback from your employees in a way that will bring out meaningful insights. Employees will tell you where you are doing great and where you need to make some improvements, when you ask in the right way.
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2 Fatal Flaws of HR Benchmarking

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Let’s be clear, benchmarks must be used along with other strategies to understand your workforce and continually improve performance in order to win the war on talent in today’s marketplace. Unfortunately, many business leaders choose to use this data as a shortcut to explaining behaviors in their workforce and to conclude that continual improvement is not necessary to improve business results because they may be incrementally “better” than the group of businesses being referenced.
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Over the past 45 years, there have been multiple empirical studies to validate how companies can gain the most reliable information from departing employees to best understand why they left their organization. These scientific studies show that two things are necessary to ensure companies obtain the most accurate information from departing employees.
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United Airlines has taken a big hit in the media the last few weeks based on an incident that was likely isolated, but significant. The public cried foul across millions of social media impressions, United Airlines was forced into crisis mode and the airline has yet to fully recover. Amidst the chaos, United Airlines’ embattled CEO said something that most companies should pay attention to and emulate.
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If your first-year turnover rate is significantly higher than your overall turnover rate (5-10%) then you need to evaluate this issue now and develop a strategy to solve the problem.
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The simple truth is the unwanted turnover of key talent has the potential to kill companies both financially and from a talent management perspective.
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What HR Departments Keep Missing

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The Service-Profit Chain is a theory and business model evolved by a group of researchers from Harvard University. In their book The Service Profit Chain – How Leading Companies Link Profit and Growth To Loyalty, Satisfaction and Value they prove there is a direct link between superior service experiences, customer loyalty, and financial performance
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