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Businesses plan to keep budgets for raises flat in 2018 and invest more funds into performance-based compensation plans, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article. Citing research from AON Hewitt, businesses are making these shifts due to uncertainty about business performance in the coming year. Human resources professionals at these companies will likely be charged with addressing impacts to employee perceptions and behaviors as a result of this decision – but how do you prepare for t...
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Natural disasters are much like individual disasters, such a death in the family, in that they often bring out the best and worst in people. Most people offer their time, money, and or resources to help those individuals most effected, but it also brings out the small population who take advantage of the time of need. Similarly, natural disasters and individual chaos bring out the best and worst in employers too.
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The initial impression a company makes on potential employees can have an enormous impact on the organization’s bottom line. The Harvard Business Review estimates that 80% of employee turnover is due to poor hiring decisions. Take a second to think back on a handful of coworkers who no longer work with you. How many of them should have never been hired in the first place? Optimizing the recruitment process will help attract and hire the best potential employees available.
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Mid-level managers who aspire to grow into roles of greater responsibility often lack the foundational leadership skills that are critical to further their careers. In order to help understand this gap, we asked CEOs of some of the world’s most successful companies what skills mid-level managers need to advance in their careers, and they identified eight skills most foundational to leadership success.
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The Bureau of Labor and Statistics released the July 2017 Jobs Report last week showing a continued growth in jobs and a continued decline in unemployment, further strengthening the employee-in-control marketplace.
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Nurses at the Tufts Medical Center, in Boston, recently spoke out about their working conditions in the form of a one-day strike, specifically protesting general treatment, compensation and patient-safety. If this feedback isn’t enough for Tufts to take action, the nurses’ picket line has provoked the Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA) to publicly weigh in with their opinions.
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The nation’s leading manufacturing executives gathered in Washington D.C. last week for the Manufacturing Workforce Symposium, a one-day conference led by the Manufacturing Institute, to discuss critical workforce issues challenging the growth of manufacturing in the United States.
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In 2011, Google launched an initiative to research what components create the perfect team at work and called it the Aristotle Project. Google’s leaders believed that in order to create the best team, an organization just needed to combine their best employees, but they wanted to know through research what aspects were needed to create the best, most productive team.
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Employee turnover is an expensive problem for organizations in today’s marketplace, and according to the latest jobs report the problem of employee turnover is not letting up.1,7 With these marketplace conditions and advanced tools available, why are organizations surprised or complacent with employee turnover costs?
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If your organization wants to create the best team through understanding and influencing its workforce, it is imperative that you give each employee a voice so you can understand their perspectives on the norms in your organization. This can be achieved by asking employees for feedback at critical points throughout the employee lifecycle.
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