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Questions to Ask in Employee Exit Interviews

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It is recommended that employers ask employees the reasons why they left the organization through exit interviews, and understand the most important reasons, to build the most effective voice-of-employee research and retention strategies. With this, “What questions do I ask in employee exit interviews?” is a frequently asked question – with a scientifically proven answer.
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Employee onboarding is the process by which new employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviors to become effective, engaged members of their teams, departments and the organization. The goals of onboarding are to socialize new hires within the organization, shorten new hire time to productivity and encourage long-term retention.
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A research tool, Stay Interviews are defined as one-on-one interviews, conducted with current employees by an outside party to understand the employees’ intent to stay or leave the organization, and why. Stay Interviews are best used in conjunction with other research tools in a voice-of-employee retention strategy. Additionally, as a part of a retention strategy, Stay Interview questions should assess workplace conditions that drive employee engagement and retention, which are the organization...
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It’s proven fact, as organizations increase the number of opportunities for employees to utilize their voice, engagement increases, retention climbs and turnover drops. Understanding this connection, the voice of employee concept has become increasingly important to organizations as they seek to capture feedback more frequently from employees and take action on that feedback to drive outcomes. With this, many organizations are beginning to include pulse surveys in their voice of employee strate...
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Employee survey ratings, scores and external benchmarks are popular yet flawed methods for identifying the specific actions that will cause improvements to retention, whereas following a ratings-reasons approach based on internal standards will yield the most accurate and actionable information.
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The concept of employee engagement is widely debated. Business leaders, academics and human research consultants recognize that engagement is pivotal to organizational performance and rush to measure it in the workplace. Be warned - many practitioners fall victim to flawed assumptions about engagement in a mad dash for a simple score or other measurement of the concept. Below, we debunk a few common myths about employee engagement that often lead practitioners to failure.
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Organizations are using pulse surveys to more frequently capture employee feedback as they realize the value such feedback adds to engagement and retention efforts.1 While employee pulse surveys do help inform engagement and retention initiatives, it’s critical that they be used to supplement an annual engagement study, or larger voice-of-employee initiative, to be effective.
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The annual Engagement Study has become a common tool used by organizations. Over the last decade, an emphasis has been placed on “measuring” the level of employee engagement in the organization through the Engagement Study as engagement has been linked to important business outcomes such as customer satisfaction, employee turnover, productivity and profits.1 But don’t rush to quickly type and hit send on a quick survey– you must first understand the definition of engagement and then ensure t...
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Often referred to as an “Annual Employee Survey” or “Employee Satisfaction Survey,” an Engagement Study should establish a baseline for understanding where you are as an organization and provide detailed insight for guiding efforts to improve engagement in your workforce.
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Some exit interview methodologies do not provide reliable or robust data to inform meaningful improvements to retention. It’s critical that Exit Interviews are conducted using these best practices to get the reliable, robust information from employees to inform effective retention strategies.
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