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Professionalism is essential for individuals to successfully develop in the workplace and for your organization to effectively grow, as professional skills are linked to career progress and career setbacks for employees. Consider this – 48% of hiring managers feel that most new employees do not exhibit professionalism in their first year on the job, and 36% feel that the problem is growing. The facts are clear. Workers entering the workforce can succeed and stand out from the crowd by acquiring...
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Unemployment Rate Drops, Quit Rate Jumps and Job Openings Surge Intensifying an already competitive labor market, the unemployment rate dropped to 4.2 percent in September, a sixteen-year low, the government reported Friday. The quit rate jumped to 2.5 percent, a ten-year high, and job openings surged 7 percent over prior month, further fueling the battle to hire and retain workers. The September Jobs Report revealed that the number job seekers decreased, employee turnover increased and avail...
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The concept of employee engagement is widely debated. Business leaders, academics and human research consultants recognize that engagement is pivotal to organizational performance and rush to measure it in the workplace. Be warned - many practitioners fall victim to flawed assumptions about engagement in a mad dash for a simple score or other measurement of the concept. Below, we debunk a few common myths about employee engagement that often lead practitioners to failure.
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Human resources leaders eagerly seek best practices and invest resources to improve onboarding programs for new employees – for good reason. However, nearly half, 45% of HR departments believe that they are investing in ineffective onboarding processes.1 Read the facts below to learn why effective employee onboarding is critical for achieving desired business outcomes.
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Organizations are using pulse surveys to more frequently capture employee feedback as they realize the value such feedback adds to engagement and retention efforts.1 While employee pulse surveys do help inform engagement and retention initiatives, it’s critical that they be used to supplement an annual engagement study, or larger voice-of-employee initiative, to be effective.
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Businesses plan to keep budgets for raises flat in 2018 and invest more funds into performance-based compensation plans, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article. Citing research from AON Hewitt, businesses are making these shifts due to uncertainty about business performance in the coming year. Human resources professionals at these companies will likely be charged with addressing impacts to employee perceptions and behaviors as a result of this decision – but how do you prepare for t...
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The annual Engagement Study has become a common tool used by organizations. Over the last decade, an emphasis has been placed on “measuring” the level of employee engagement in the organization through the Engagement Study as engagement has been linked to important business outcomes such as customer satisfaction, employee turnover, productivity and profits.1 But don’t rush to quickly type and hit send on a quick survey– you must first understand the definition of engagement and then ensure t...
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Natural disasters are much like individual disasters, such a death in the family, in that they often bring out the best and worst in people. Most people offer their time, money, and or resources to help those individuals most effected, but it also brings out the small population who take advantage of the time of need. Similarly, natural disasters and individual chaos bring out the best and worst in employers too.
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Often referred to as an “Annual Employee Survey” or “Employee Satisfaction Survey,” an Engagement Study should establish a baseline for understanding where you are as an organization and provide detailed insight for guiding efforts to improve engagement in your workforce.
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Some exit interview methodologies do not provide reliable or robust data to inform meaningful improvements to retention. It’s critical that Exit Interviews are conducted using these best practices to get the reliable, robust information from employees to inform effective retention strategies.
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